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Price Match Promise

When booking with Ostravelz, we want you to book with confidence, knowing that you've secured a fantastic deal. Introducing our Price Match Promise (PMP):
If you find a lower price (including taxes and fees) for the same flight itinerary on a Major OTA Competitor’s site within twenty-four (24) hours of booking, we will match that lower price by refunding the difference or, if you prefer, cancel your booking with us for a full refund.
Here are some key details:
  1. Same Itinerary: The same itinerary means that every element of each offer matches, including airline(s), flight number(s), itinerary, date(s), number of customers, and seat type
  2. Offered and Available: The lower-priced itinerary must be live on a Major OTA Competitor’s site and available for booking by the general public at the time you contact us.
  3. Major OTA Competitors: For the PMP, Major OTA Competitors are the U.S. English-language websites of,,, and
How to Invoke the PMP:
Contact us at with your Ostravelz booking number and key details of the lower-priced itinerary. Include documentation such as the exact URL or screenshots for verification.
We strive to ensure you get the best deal, and our Price Match Promise is our commitment to your satisfaction with Ostravelz.